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Sri Satyanarayana swamivari Devasthanam Darshan Details

Welcome Annavaram Devasthanam
                Annavaram the holy village of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh , is situated at a distance of two miles from Annavaram Railway Station on the Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam broad gauge section of the Southern Railways and 45 Kms from East Godavari District Head Quarters Kakinada Town. Annavaram village touches the foot of the sacred Ratnagiri Hill on which the temple of Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy is situated.

Sri Satyanarayana swamivari Devasthanam is maintaining two different types of Darshan methods for the convenance of the piligrams to witness the deity.

Temple Image
          Sri Satyanarayana swamivari Devasthanam is maintaining two different types of Darshan methods for the convenance of the piligrams to witness the deity.
  •   Sarva Darshanam               
  •   Seegradarshanam
 Sarva Darshanam means 'Darshan for all'. Sarva darshanam is free and allowed between 6:00AM to 12:30PM and 1:00PM to 9:00PM.
Seegradarshanam means 'Darshan with less waiting time'. Piligrams who want to avail seegradarhan, have to purchase a ticket costing Rs. 25/- per head. One packet (100Gms) of bhogam prasadam will be provided for Seegradarshanam ticket. Timings for the seegradarshan is same as sarvadarshanam but allowed through a different queue.

                   Sri Swamivari / Ammavari Sevas
S.No Name of Seva Cost in Rs. Seva Time
1.Sri Swamy Suprabatha SevaRs.116/-03:30 AM
2.Sri Swamivari VrathamRs.125/-6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
3.Sri Swamivari Special VrathamRs.200/-6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
4.Sri Swamivari Vratham at DwajasthambhamRs.500/-6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
5.Sri Swamivari Visishta VrathamRs.1,116/-6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
6.Sri Swamivari Nitya KalyanamRs.750/-9:30 AM
7.Sri Swamivari Vratham After 'Pooja' prasadam send by postRs.150/- 
8.Sri Sitaramula (Kshethra Palakulu) Pattabhishekam on the lunar star day of Punarvasu in Sri Swamivari TempleRs.116/-On Full Moon Day
9.Sri Swamivari Pavalimpu sevaRs.50/-02:00PM
10.Sri Swamivari Laksha Patri PoojaRs.2,500/-08:00AM
11.Sri Ammavari Laksha KunkumarchanaRs.2,500/-08:00AM
12.Sri Swamivari Abhishekam on the lunar star day of MakhaRs.1,116/-One Day Only

Sri Swami Vari Nitya Kalyanam
Seva Description Persons Allowed Prasadam / Gifts Ticket Cost
Kalyanam 2 Prasadam 1kg, Bangi Prasadam 300gms,Pulihora 400gms, Dovathy,Khanduva,Saree,Blouse Rs.750.00

                                       Code of Conduct
            Temple Committee requests all visitors to preserve the sanctity of the Annavaram area. Suggestions in the form of'Dos and Don'ts' are displayed at various places at Annavaram temple You are requested to get acquainted with them before you visit Temple.

A summary of these suggestions:
DOs :
Do observe absolute silence inside the temple and chant Om Sri SatyaDevaya Namah to yourself.
Do respect and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.
Do contact any of the Annavarm Devasthanams Enquiry Offices for information regarding the temple and your
    Worship there.
Do pradakshinam (keeping the shrine to your right) with devotion before entering the temple.
Do follow the procedures of the temple and wait for your turn for the darshan of the Lord.
Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.

Don't eat non-vegetarian food. Don't consume liquor or other intoxicants.
Don't wear footwear, or move around in a vehicle, in and around the premises of the temple.
Don't approach touts for quick darshan and accommodation.
Don't rush in for darshan, but move along in the queue.
Don't prostrate (sastanga danda pranamam) inside the temple.
Don't buy spurious prasadam from street vendors.
Don't throw away the prasadam and teertham given to you at the temple.
Don't enter the temple, if, according to custom or usage, you are prohibited to enter.
Don't wear flowers and garlands in Gardens; all flowers are for the Lord only.
Don't spit or be a nuisance inside the temple premises.
Don't enter the shrine naked or wearing only a loin-cloth.
Don't wear any head guards like helmets, caps, turbans and hats inside the temple premises.
Don't carry any weapon inside the temple.
Don't eat food brought from outside or chew betel leaves in the temple premises.
Don't evacuate urine or motion or spit in the premises of the temple.
Don't pay obeisance with only one hand.
Don't sit with your back facing the Deity.
Don't talk about your wealth, money and status.
Don't quarrel in the temple premises.
Don't commit any act of violence or harshness in the temple premises.
Don't sleep in the temple premises.

Veda Patashala
Veda Patashala
Kalyana Mandapam
Kalyana Mandapam
Water Plant
Water Plant
Clock Room
Steps Way
Free Ayurveda Hospital
Free annadanam

Route Map
                           Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamyvari Devasthanam, Annavaram is well connected by both Rail and Roadways. It is Situated at a distance of 3KM from A.V.M Railway Station, the Vijayawada –Visakhapatnam Line of the Southern Railway. Madras to Calcutta, NH-5 Road is going via Annavaram. Regular Bus service is available from all near by towns.
    By Road
  • Devasthanam Buses- 2 buses run from Rajahmundry to up hill both sides by 1pm to 2pm
  • APSRTC Buses- A.P.S.R.T.C Buses every Half An Hour Via Annavaram to Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam vise versa.
    - Every 15 mintus buses available Tuni to Kakinada via Annavaram and surroundings Villages vise versa.
    By Train
  • Most of the trains passing between Kolkatta - Vijayawada line will stop at Annavaram Station
  • Detailed train timings at Annavaram Station.
    By AIR
  • The nearest Airport at east side of Annavaram is situated at Visakhapatnam. Annavaram is at a 3hrs distance from Visakhapatnam. APSRTC runs buses via Annavaram every half an hour
  • The nearest Airport at West side of Annvaram is situated at Rajahmundry. Annavaram is at a 3hrs distance from Rajahmundry. APSRTC runs buses via Annavaram every half an hour
Welcome Annavaram Devasthanam
Accomodation At The Temple Site
 Choultries             Guest Houses             Halls/Mandap
          Devastanam administration has taken all measures for the piligram's comfortable stay on the Ratnagiri. Visitors will be offered diffrent kinds of accomodation ranging from Normal rooms to A.C Suits in various choultries and guest houses on the hill.
          For the convenience of the casual visitors devastanam provided lockers to keep their luggage .
          Advance reservation fecility is available for all accomodations except Prakash Sadan. Reservation will be done by paying one day rent + 50% of additional amount for the guest house of their choice.
          Note :The Devotees are requested to pay in advance 1 day Rent + 50% additional amount for the Reservation of the Choultries of their choice
Sl.No. Choultry's Name Rent Per day in Rs.
1.Sri Seetha Rama ChoultryRs. 150
2.Sri Centenary ChoultriesRs. 300
3.Sri Vana Durga ChoultryRs. 150
4.T.T.D ChoultryRs.75
5.Satya Niketan (Annavaram Town)Rs.150
6.Satya Surya ChoultryProvided for Sahaja Hospital
Sl.No. Guest House Name Rent Per day in Rs.
1.Sri Satyadeva Guest HouseRs. 250
2.Donar CottageRs. 150
3.Eswar Lake View Guest House(Full Suit)Rs. 3000
4.Vinayaka Guest House(Full Suit)Protocol
5.Main Guest HouseFor VIPS
6.Paying Guest HouseRs.150
7.6 VIP RoomsRs.700
8.T.T.D. VIP RoomsRs.150
Prakash Sadan VIP Cottages
1.Ordinary RoomRs. 450
2.Corner RoomRs. 500
3.Special RoomRs. 550
4.A.C. RoomRs.700
5.Double RoomRs.1500
Sl.No. Choultry's Name Rent Per day in Rs.
1.Sri Seetha Rama Choultry HallsRs. 1175
2.Sri Seetha Rama StageRs. 1000
3.Niruti Mandapam- FullRs. 3000
Welcome Annavaram Devasthanam
In the Temple Complex :
   The temple sree veera venkata satyanaryana swamy in the main temple on the ratnagiri hill.
   The temple Sri sita rama ,as keshatra palakulu .
   The shrines of vana durga and kanaka durga near by.Godess Vanadurga held in great venaration and devi is said to be seen even to this day in the nights going about the holy precincts perpetually guarding the lord.
   The temple of gramadevatha (Village deity ) is in the village at the foot of the hill.

   Adopted Temples :
   Sri Bhuvaneswari temple ,Kovvuru, West Godavari District.
   Sri VenuGopala Swamy Temple ,Gedhanapalli
   Sri Malleswara Swamy Temple



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